Welcome to the home of all things PSTEC and learn how you can use this powerful set of therapy tools to resolve almost any problem - fast!

This site is brought to you by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon. We are both accredited hypnotherapists and advanced EFT and PSTEC Practitioner/Trainers. We work everyday with clients to create changes in how they feel and think about themselves and PSTEC, in all its many guises, is a truly powerful and life changing modality.

As well as using PSTEC in our individual practices, it is also a great self-help tool and through this site we want to offer you our insights, and share our knowledge, of how you can use PSTEC for yourselves to create the changes in your lives that you desire.

You can use PSTEC for your fears, stress, phobias, PTSD, anxiety, resentment, compulsions, weight loss, depression, confidence issues to name but a few…

And you can try it now for free now! 

Download Free Basic PSTEC package

Download Free Basic PSTEC package