About Sally Baker & Liz Hogon



sally Baker

Liz Hogon
  Melbourne, Australia

Sally Baker  
London, England

PSTEC Tools is brought to you by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon
both of whom are full time Hypnotherapists and Advance PSTEC Practitioners working in their own practices. Liz is in Melbourne, Australia and Sally is in London, England.

Even with a world between them they have already worked successfully on their first e-book called Achieve Your Natural Weight with a host of video and audio resources; collaborated on their first Iphone App available from the Apple Store called Anxiety Release with PSTEC Magic Sentences; and currently finalising their latest e-book Live, Fast and Thrive that comes complete with a host of video and audio resources.

Both Sally and Liz have thriving practices where they see clients with a wide range of presenting issues from anxiety and panic attacks, to resolving emotional and stress-eating for successful, enduring weight loss.

They both also work with clients the world over via Skype.