PSTEC Magic Sentences

PSTEC Magic Sentences is a totally new and unique way to open the door to your subconscious mind and that’s why you need to know more about it. You’ll find that when used correctly, it’s fun to do and can very quickly program your subconscious to achieve the changes that you want.

The concept of Magic Sentences was invented in early 2012 by Tim Phizackerley, the creator of PSTEC. Until he released the instructions for this unique new approach, no other therapist anywhere in the world had access to this technique. And no-one, apart from clients whom he worked directly with realised that one of the long kept secrets of his success is the power of subconscious programming by reversing certain sentences.

In fact, it turns out there are certain particular reversed sentences which can be used to very quickly program the subconscious, BUT ONLY if you know how, and which ones to reverse.

PSTEC Magic Sentences are a fantastic tool devised by applying the most up to date understanding of exactly how the human mind follows language. Experienced hypnotherapist, Sally Baker has carefully studied Tim’s teachings, and has lovingly created a growing number of specific Magic Sentence packages for you. Her efforts make Magic Sentences available for the first time as a wonderfully powerful tool of change for self-helpers, working on their own issues in either MP3 format or as an Iphone app available from the Apple store – you choose.


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  ‘Anxiety Release with PSTEC Magic Sentences’ is a free app available from the Apple Store for immediate download to your IPhone 4, IPhone 5, IPad or IPod. Click on the picture here for a direct link to the app store. The app is a free download that comes complete with the Magic Sentences for Anxiety Release. In the app there are a range of additional Magic Sentences you can choose to purchase to tackle specific issues. The app also includes free access to PSTEC Click Tracks with full instructions so that you can begin to work on any problems you have. New Magic Sentences will be added on a regular basis to provide a fantastic self-help resource.


Sally Baker says ‘It’s designed to be fun, so just decide you’ll try your best and you’ll be amazed at the results! Concentrate and focus and the more benefits you will notice.’

  • Studio recorded audio quality.
  • The power of hypnosis without hypnosis.
  • No need to relax at all, just listen!
  • Fun and interesting – just like a game. 
  • Great for analytical types.
  • Wonderful for competitive people.
  • Perfect tool for therapists because it’s so easy to use.
  • A powerful tool for self help.
  • Designed for rapid and lasting results.

Magic Sentences also available as MP3 downloads.

If you want to access Magic Sentences via your computer then that’s easy as even more Magic Sentences are available as a set of MP3 downloads with full easy to follow instructions.

Read first before you scroll down to find about the specific Magic Sentences available and then click on the logo below. You will be directed to the order page where you can find out more about the power of Magic Sentences and choose one or more of the Magic Sentences packages that you need …

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