Achieve Your Natural Weight - powerful self-help techniques available now. E-book with video and audio resources and optional work-book to guide your progress.

If you are eating when you are stressed, bored, angry or sad then this self-help e-book with its’ video and audio resources is for you.

This book is informed by the work that Sally Baker and Liz Hogon undertake successfully with their clients to end stress and comfort eating. Resolving the sub-conscious reasons for emotional over-eating is their therapeutic specialism. They know all about the self-sabotaging habits around food that for many clients has been happening for years, often in secret. You can use their easy to follow self-help techniques so that you too can be finally comfortable around food and eat for nourishment instead of self-punishment.

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This is the second book written by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon. Live, Fast & Thrive is written in collaboration with nutritionist and optimum health specialist Hayat El Hamri. An expert in her field, Hayat guides you through a simple to follow nutritional approach based on ‘Eating Clean’ with easy to prepare real foods that taste wonderful. The plan can be adapted to meet all busy life-styles so that you can feel great too as you lose your excess weight and achieve optimum health and well-being. And, if you want to enjoy the scientifically acknowledged benefits of intermittent fasting then Hayat shows you how fasting periods can be integrated effortlessly and easily into your life and how to maximise your nutrition during those times.

Sally and Liz continue to share the latest therapeutic break-throughs for how to effectively and successfully end-comfort and stress-eating, and sugar cravings. They share their client-based experiences and insights, broken down into an easy to learn self-help approach, so that you too can bring about changes in your relationship to food by harnessing the power of your sub-conscious mind to work with your conscious-will, to achieve your desired weight loss target.

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